FPG0032 Attitude

2021-01-22Roxy6:19 minutesBalloon, Fetish, High heels
FPG0032 Attitude 1
FPG0032 Attitude 2

wearing her uniform and heels Roxy shows her attuide in this blow & nail clip, what was suppose to be a BTP however roxy went to play with the tight balloon causing it to burst.

FGP0001 Roxys 17" Tuftex ride

2021-01-22Roxy3:50 minutesBalloon, Fetish, High heels
FGP0001 Roxys 17" Tuftex ride 1
FGP0001 Roxys 17" Tuftex ride 2

Roxy in her blue lingerie with a blue 17" tuftex balloons, rides and straddles before bursting it. This was the 1st shot taken at foxglove productions

FGP0003 Studio Clean up

2021-01-12Roxy4:01 minutesBalloon, Foot Fetish, High heels
FGP0003 Studio Clean up  1
FGP0003 Studio Clean up  2

Following the test videos they was some balloons left over, Roxy asked if she could stamp on them....  including slow motion heel popping

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