Blow & Nail

2021-02-06Roxy3:42 minutesBalloon, Brunette, Fetish
Blow & Nail 1
Blow & Nail 2

Welcome to the woods,

Roxy blows up a balloon ace printed balloon then nail pops it as they are tough balloons.

FPG0032 Attitude

2021-01-22Roxy6:19 minutesBalloon, Fetish, High heels
FPG0032 Attitude 1
FPG0032 Attitude 2

wearing her uniform and heels Roxy shows her attuide in this blow & nail clip, what was suppose to be a BTP however roxy went to play with the tight balloon causing it to burst.

FGP0001 Roxys 17" Tuftex ride

2021-01-22Roxy3:50 minutesBalloon, Fetish, High heels
FGP0001 Roxys 17" Tuftex ride 1
FGP0001 Roxys 17" Tuftex ride 2

Roxy in her blue lingerie with a blue 17" tuftex balloons, rides and straddles before bursting it. This was the 1st shot taken at foxglove productions

FGP0005 1st 14" BTP attempt

2021-01-12Roxy4:52 minutesBalloon, Brunette, Fetish
FGP0005 1st 14" BTP attempt  1
FGP0005 1st 14" BTP attempt  2

Roxy’s 1st BTP attempt.

Having never blown a balloon up until it bursts this was the 1st attempt, however part way through blowing it up Roxy got bored and burst it a different way!

FGP0006 Roxy's Blow & Ride

2021-01-12Roxy11:41 minutesBalloon, Brunette, Fetish
FGP0006 Roxy's Blow & Ride  1
FGP0006 Roxy's Blow & Ride  2

Roxy is in front of the fire in her thong and top blowing a 14” balloon up, between blowing she decides to sit and ride it. Then blow a little more, How will she burst it? By blowing to much? Or sitting on it? Watch to find out

FGP0004 Roxy Treat's you to sit to pops  1
FGP0004 Roxy Treat's you to sit to pops  2

Roxy treats you to some belbal bouncing while you sit on the sofa and watch, in her lingerie she places each balloon under her bum, looking at you to make sure you watching. Scraping her pointy nails down the balloons as she bounces.

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